Communications: Dan Domin
Outreach: Jill McCutcheon
Fellowship: Linda Funk
KidZone: Anne Swift
Sunday School: Anne Swift
Confirmation: Pastor Darcy
Children & Family Team: Amanda Odendahl
Youth & Family Team: Lindsay Owen
Adult: Pastor Darcy
Stewardship: Nels Hendrickson
Worship & Music: Lee Ann Walsh
Caring Ministry: Wayne Ralston & Joyce Neide

Church Ministries

For further information or to connect with a Team Lead contact our Church Administrator at admin@sothva.org

Council Members:

Tyler Long, President
Jason Wits, Vice President
Lew Thurman, Secretary
Fred Eliassen, Treasurer
April Fitzer
Charlie Funk
Janet Hollis
Amy Owen
Lora Schalow
Dave Wallestad


Human Resources: Andy Zembower
Finance: Fred Eliassen
Gifts and Memorials: Kathleen Ellingson
Property: Fred Kallmeyer
Construction: Charlie Funk

For questions regarding Giving contact our Church Administrator at admin@sothva.org
to get connected with our Financial Secretary, Dick Powell