The 2020 Prayer Initiative:  Everything to God in Prayer

The Music and Worship team has chosen to emphasize prayer in 2020 to encourage a closer relationship with God among all who worship with us. Starting in February, SOTH will offer sermon series, prayer vigils, retreats, and other opportunities to learn more about prayer. Our overview of the year is here.

To kick things off, on February 2, we will begin a 4-week sermon series based on the A.C.T.S. prayer model, emphasizing four types of prayer:  Adoration is about who God is.  Confession is about who we are.  Thanksgiving is about what God does.  Supplication is about what we ask God to do for us and those we love.  Each week we will explore one of these types of prayer. 

Throughout the year, we will “take it to the Lord in prayer” on a personal level with prayer vigils which will each utilize a different form of prayer. The first vigil is scheduled for February 3, and will focus on Adoration prayer. We are asking participants to set aside 10 minutes or more on February 3 to pray. If you’d like to participate in the prayer vigil, the handout with prayer materials information is here and will also be available in the Narthex at church. The second vigil will be on Good Friday, April 10, and will focus on Confession, with Thanksgiving and Supplication vigils to be held in September and December, respectively.

Stay tuned for more prayer events throughout the year, including a prayer retreat in October.

Other Worship Events in February

The Ash Wednesday Service will be at 7:30 pm on February 26. All are welcome to attend this beautiful service and receive the imposition of ashes.

Our Midweek Lenten Services will take a closer look at the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer. We will sing songs from the Taizé community, taking simple repetitive phrases from the Psalms and other scripture. Come and learn about the prayer Jesus taught us to pray. There will be a simple supper at 6:30 before the service at 7:30 pm. Wednesday services begin on March 4.

All are Welcome!