Please join us starting February 21, 2024 during these special fellowship times…

Lent is a special time of reflection, prayer, and enriching our faith. One of the gifts of a church community is the opportunity to grow in faith together. Each Wednesday night during Lent, we will gather for food, fellowship, study, and worship. Invite your friends! Childcare and activities are available for all ages after dinner. More information below.

6:00 p.m. – All are invited to dinner and a time of fellowship. Members and friends of the church will provide a simple dinner of soup, salad, and bread—a long-standing Lenten tradition at many churches, including Shepherd of the Hills. Take a night off from cooking and enjoy time with friends! These dinners are a wonderful opportunity to grow as a community of faith.

6:45 p.m. – Last year, Dr. Mark Vitalis-Hoffman streamed in and gave five talks on how to read the gospels. His lectures were thought-provoking and provided a framework for reading scriptures that we can practice together as a community of faith. This year, we will watch short clips of his talks (so don’t worry if you missed last year) and then have “table talks”—small group conversation about scripture where we use his framework to better understand the gospel of Mark. Table leaders will keep the conversation going. If you prefer to just listen, that is fine, too. We all learn in different ways.

7:15 p.m. – We will gather in the sanctuary for a contemplative worship service, centered around scripture, prayer, and song. For the first and last weeks, we will worship with the Holden Village Evening Prayer service. Our middle three services will be contemplative services that focus on God’s faithfulness. Music from religious communities like Taize, Iona, and Holden Village will guide our worship. Like our other worship services, we will stream these services to our at-home members and friends.

We hope you will find time to pause in the week to gather with your church family as we use this Lenten season to draw close to God and each other.